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I work according to the person-centered approach of Carl R. Rogers, which focuses on emotional experience in the present. Person-centered psychotherapy is scientifically recognized and is used in individual as well as one-to-one and group processes. With its humanistic approach, the person-centered therapy concept assumes that people have an inherent tendency to develop and perfect themselves.

The joint therapeutic process takes place in the encounter of the conversation. Therapy is about allowing you to explore your feelings and experiences in the space of an authentic, appreciative and unconditional relationship. In this way, you can discover and further develop everything that already lies within you as an ability and offers you the possibility of greater satisfaction. As a psychotherapist, I am here to support you in recognizing your own needs and desires and to meet them with growing acceptance.

First contact.

Duration and frequency.

A regular therapeutic session in an individual setting lasts 50 minutes and usually takes place once a week. In a two-person setting (couples, siblings, caregiver-child, etc.) I work in double units – here the duration is 90 minutes. Depending on the goal and topic, psychotherapeutic processes can take different lengths of time.


The cost is €80 for a 50-minute session in an individual setting. The Austrian health insurance companies do not currently offer any subsidies for psychotherapy with psychotherapists in training under supervision. I have taken this into account when setting my fees and therefore offer the reduced rate mentioned above. Many supplementary insurances cover part of the costs.


I offer psychotherapy in German and English.


In accordance with § 15 of the Psychotherapy Act, I am obliged to maintain complete confidentiality. This confidentiality also extends beyond the end of the psychotherapy.

Cancellation policy.

An agreed appointment is reserved for you and can be canceled free of charge up to 24 hours in advance. I ask for your understanding that I will charge the full fee if you cancel later or fail to cancel.

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